Winter 2013 Timelapse - AlaskaMcGillPhoto

Sunrise (10:50AM) to sunset (2:40PM) from the Parks Overlook about 15 miles southwest of Fairbanks on December 16, 2013. Mt. Moffit, 13,020, is on the extreme left and Denali, 20,320, is on the extreme right. It was about -20 where the camera and me were, about -30 on the flats. While there were few clouds this day, there was a fair amount of haze and smoke from Fairbanks drifting down the Tanana River. D800E, 24-70 f/2.8 zoom, a frame every 10 seconds. Power came from a deep cycle RV battery with an AC inverter into which the Nikon AC adapter for the D800E was plugged.